Safe Drug Disposal

Unused or expired prescription drugs in the home can be a public safety issue and lead to accidental overdose, poisoning and abuse. To find out how to easily dispose of unused, expired or unwanted prescription drugs read the information below.

Take Back Programs
The Nevada Statewide Coalition Partnership represents every county in Nevada, and the coalitions work with local law enforcement to support safe disposal through prescription take-back events and prescription drug drop boxes. To find a drop box or take-back event near you, contact your local law enforcement office or your local coalition.

Other Disposal Methods
The best way to dispose of old prescription drugs is to use a take-back program, however, a take-back program might not always be available. One quick and easy way to dispose of old prescription drugs is to mix them in with something to help them break down. Follow the easy steps below for quick home disposal.

  1. Take the medications out of their bottles.
  2. Mix them with something unappealing like kitty litter or coffee grounds.
  3. Seal the medication/kitty litter mixture into a bag or disposable container like a plastic detergent bottle and throw away.