Being a parent is a beautiful and terrifying thing, as just about any parent will tell you. And now, this dad is warning other parents after his daughter’s tragic death, which he says was totally preventable. Because, unfortunately, life can change in the blink of an eye, and even the most responsible of parents or guardians can see their child taken from them too soon.

Such is the case for Jordan Magill, of Silver Spring, Maryland who recently wrote an essay for The Washington Post about the $50 purchase that could have saved his daughter’s life. Tragically, Magill’s 12-year-old daughter got a hold of his prescription medications and overdosed on them, ending her life. And as painful as that has been, Magill also explained that if he or his wife had simply purchased a locked medicine cabinet — which usually costs about $50 — their daughter might still be alive. Magill’s essay doesn’t make clear whether his daughter’s death was suicide, as he himself is still unsure what drove his daughter to take the pills in the first place: