Inclusion Criteria for Patients who Should Receive Overdose Prevention Education and a Prescription for a Naloxone Rescue Kit
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Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
The Nevada Prescription Monitoring program is a tracking program managed by the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. The program allows a patient’s prescription history to be readily available to practitioners and pharmacists. The program helps evaluate a course of patient care and assists healthcare providers in determining if a patient is abusing controlled substances.

NV PMP Reports
Prescription monitoring program reports contain a summary of patient history for schedule II, III and IV controlled substances the patient has received. The report specifies drug name, quantity, date written, date filled, prescriber, dispenser and method of payment. These records are reported by the dispensing pharmacy or dispensing practitioner.

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Access to NV PMP
Only health care providers authorized to prescribe or dispense controlled substances including, physicians, dentists, advanced practitioners of nursing, physician assistants and pharmacists have access to the Prescription Monitoring Program reports.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule limits how covered providers may use identifiable health information. Personal health information may not be used for purposes unrelated to health care. Covered entities may use or share only the minimum amount of protected information needed for a particular purpose. However, the rule does not restrict prescribers from sharing information needed to treat their patients. Willful disclosure of prescription information may be subject to disciplinary action, civil penalties or criminal action.

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